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www.businessinfolink.com is a rapidly growing online free business listing and search website for providing information focused on businesses,services, and products.Organizations based in India and marketing products or services in India, can list the details of their businesses, professional services, or companies in this site .Large companies and small businesses from different sectors, offering together thousands of categories of products and services are listed in businessinfolink.com,which can be easily searched and found through the search window in the home page.Product search or Services search can also be done by clicking on the category and subcategory images or using the drop down menus in the home page.The number of categories and number of businesses listed in each category are growing at a fast pace.The listings cater to the search needs of Industrial, Corporate, and Household segments.To provide more useful service to our users, we have recently introduced Platinum and Gold category business listing packages which helps the business catalogs to stand out among the growing number of listed businesses. These packages are being offered at very attractive introductory rates.To see the details,click the green button provided in the top right corner of the home page,which opens the listing form. To update details in a already listed business catalog, please send the updated information through E -mail to info@businessinfolink.com. Re-submission of listing form will not be accepted for updating details.

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