Asphalt Batch Mixing plant

Description/ Specification of Asphalt Batch Mixing plant

Asphalt or asphalt concrete used in construction of roads, highways, parking lots, airport runways etc is a composite material prepared by mixing mineral aggregates, sand and fillers such as stone dust with a binding agent like bitumen. Asphalt batch mixing plants are used for preparing Asphalt bitumen. About 5% of bitumen is mixed with 95% of aggregates. As bitumen is highly viscous in nature, it is heated before the mixing process to achieve proper mixing and binding. The process involves mixing the ingredients in correct proportion, heating and then binding with bitumen. Asphalt batch mixing plant available in different sizes and configurations. These plants can be portable, semi portable, or fixed type. The plants can be fully automated with PLC control, video screen, printer and other associated accessories like power supply system. Standard equipment in the plant comprise of cold aggregate feeder, feed conveyor, weighing unit, filler silo, bitumen tanks. mixer, drum dryer, coal burner, hot aggregate elevator, storage hoppers for hot aggregates, deck vibratory screen, drier, heat exchanger for heating bitumen (thermic fluid heater), filler elevator among others. These plants also come equipped with bag filters for minimizing pollution. This page displays the catalogues of asphalt batch mixing plant suppliers/manufacturers.

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