Bitumen Pressure Distributor

Description/ Specification of Bitumen Pressure Distributor

Bitumen pressures distributors are truck mounted systems used in road construction for spraying bitumen or asphalt on the surface of the road. The system prepares bitumen by heating and pressurizing. The list of equipment used comprises of air compressor, auxiliary engine, positive displacement type bitumen pump,distributor spray bar and nozzles, heating burner, bitumen tank, pressure gauge, temperature gauge, removable screen filter, regulating valve, tank manhole and cover,calibrated dip stick among others. Bitumen stored in the tank is heated by lighting diesel fired burners. The auxiliary engine drives both the air compressor and the bitumen pump. Pump is used to circulate bitumen for balanced heat transfer and uniform heating. It is also used for transferring bitumen or to heat the distributor through circulation. Pressurized and heated bitumen is sprayed uniformly over the road through pressurized spray nozzles. The distributor spray bar and spray nozzles regulate the quantity of bitumen sprayed on the road. Wire mesh filter screens are placed in the main header pipe between the tank and the distributor. These filters are periodically cleaned to remove burnt particles and other debris collected,which may otherwise clog the spray nozzle. Thermal cut-outs are provided to prevent the bitumen from getting overheated. This page shows the catalogues of manufactures and suppliers of bitumen pressure distributors.

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