ACSR Conductor

Description/ Specification of ACSR Conductor

ACSR, which stands for Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced, is a type of conductor used in high capacity, high voltage transmission lines for transmitting bulk power from generating stations/large substations. As the name suggest, these conductors have their outer layers made of aluminium strands and the core having one or more steel conductor strands. depending on the capacity and size of the conductor. Steel wires are galvanized to prevent corrosion. Since steel is having more tensile strength than aluminium, so it reinforces at the center, the main current carrying aluminium conductors. This prevents sagging of the conductor. This property makes ACSR conductors ideal for use where river crossing or a long run with minimum support is involved. Sometimes the length of conductor required is more than what can be made available in one reel. In those cases, splicing or jointing is required. Due to the skin effect, most of the current tend to accumulate and pass near the surface of the conductor. This gives the benefit that aluminium at outer layers, which is a far better conductor than steel, carry the bulk current while steel at the center gives it the mechanical properties. ACSR conductors have overall lower AC resistance and hence are efficient in operation. Various compositions of steel and aluminium strand is possible depending on the requirement of tensile strength and conduction capacity. This page lists the catalogues of companies offering ACSR conductors.

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