Drop Out Fuses

Description/ Specification of Drop Out Fuses

Drop out fuses are protection devices used mostly for power distribution transformers in rural areas. These are available for 11/22//33 KV voltage ranges. These devices can protect the circuit in the event of overloads and fault currents. Drop out fuses are mounted in the high voltage sides of transformers. The conducting part of the fuse is supported by support insulators of disc type. The fuse wire is made of material of lower meting point like tin or silver alloys, and is enclosed inside a fiber glass tubing enclosure. On blowing of the fuse element, enclosure drops out from the upper end and hangs from the bottom support hinge, which gives a visual indication of the fault.This saves fault detection time. After replacing the fuse wire, the enclosure can be reinstated in place using an insulating rod. This page shows catalogs of businesses manufacturing/dealing in drop out fuses.

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