Earthing Materials

Description/ Specification of Earthing Materials

Earthing materials are an indispensable part of an electrical systems. Importance of earthing increases progressively as the electrical energy capacity of the system goes up. A properly installed and maintained earthing system provides protection in the event of a lightning stroke or an electrical fault striking a high voltage system, by draining the fault current from the system to earth. In absence of this action, dangerous voltages will build up in the system. Earthing material used is in the form of plates, rods, strips, cables, and wires made of GI or copper which are made to various sizes, shapes and specifications. Key attributes to look for in earthing material is good conductivity and resistance to corrosion. Non-metallic material like salt and charcoals are used in earthing pits. This page lists the catalogs of manufacturers/suppliers/dealers in earthing materials.

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