Electric heaters

Description/ Specification of Electric heaters

Industrial electric heaters are simple yet effective devices used in a wide range of processes. These heaters are used to heat liquids and gases. The application areas may be heating fluids, fluid tanks, viscosity reduction, de-freezing, vaporizing etc. Flanged or bolted designs are available. Flanged designs are easy to install/dismantle. The principle of operation is based on the generation of heat due to conduction of electric currents through high resistance conducting elements as enumerated by Joule’s Law. The heating elements are usually made of nichrome wire. Smaller size heaters run on AC single phase supply while larger ones used in mass industrial processes requires 3-phase supply. Capacity ratings for heating systems are defined as watts per unit area. Such large heating arrangements will also require precise temperature control and thermal protection against overheating. Therefore RTDs, thermocouples, thermowells and thermostats may be required. For space heating, heaters are used in association with fans or blowers. In gas heating, in direct heating method is used where a fluid is heated by electric heaters, which in turn heats the gas. This is to prevent the heating elements to directly coming in contact with the gas.

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