Gang Operated switch

Description/ Specification of Gang Operated switch

Gang Operated Switches are isolation devices used in high voltage electric circuits in outdoor applications. They operate in off-line mode, that is only after a current is interrupted by a circuit breaker, these switches are operated. Since all the 3 phases are broken together(in a gang) using a single mechanism , the name gang operated switch is given. These are used in 11/22/33 KV transmission /distribution systems. Contacts are made of copper or brass and are male-female type. A thin grease film is used to protect the contacts.The moving contacts are of tilting type, which insert into fixed contacts. The current carrying parts rest on the porcelain support insulators of disc type.Arcing horns are provided for protecting the insulator for faults struck due to lightning, surge, or faults. The rods,nuts,bolts, and other support structures are galvanized to prevent corrosion.This page shows the catalogs of businesses concerned with Gang Operated Switches.

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