LED Lighting

Description/ Specification of LED Lighting

LED lamps are the most recent developments in lighting technology, which are fast replacing the Incandescent lamps, Fluorescent tubes, and Compact fluorescent lamps(CFL). LED technology came into existence as recently as in the mid-nineties. Their main benefits are low power consumption, improved illumination, and much longer life. However they are significantly more costly than the conventional lighting products used earlier. LED lamps use Light emitting diodes. Since the output of a single LED does not produce enough light, multiple LEDs are combined to form a single lamp. As a stable DC current is required for driving the LEDs, a driver circuit is also included for supplying regulated DC current. High temperature affects the performance of LEDS , so cooling fins or heat sinks are adopted in the design, LED lamps are used for indoor and outdoor applications. This page lists the manufacturers/suppliers/dealers oh LED lamps.

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