Transformer Oil Test KIt

Description/ Specification of Transformer Oil Test KIt

Transformer Oil is an insulating material that serves to insulate conducting parts from the non-conductive ones for high voltage transformers. In addition the oil also serves as a heat dissipater. Large oil filled transformers are capital equipment involving huge amount of investment and therefore the protection of these devices is of utmost importance to the utilities who own them. For safe operation of these equipments, the oil has to meet stringent quality standards. Quality of oil deteriorates with aging, ingress of moisture, contaminants, internal arcing, heating etc. The critical parameters that are monitored for oil are breakdown voltage(BDV), specific resistance, dielectric dissipation factor(tan delta test),dissolved gas analysis(DGA),moisture content, viscosity, acidity, flash point, and several others. Breakdown voltage is a measure of dielectric strength of oil. Oil testing kits are mainly for measuring this breakdown voltage. In recent times, portable test kits have become common, which can be easily taken to site. Oil under test is kept inside a chamber where two electrodes are maintained at a predetermined distance and the test voltage is applied across the gap. Th applied voltage is gradually raised by means of a variac to see at what voltage an arc strikes between the electrodes, that is the oil insulation separating them breaks down, The process is repeated 5-6 times to get the consistency of results and the average value is taken. Usually a BDV of 30 KV/cm is considered acceptable. The power supply source used is 220V AC, 50Hz. Oil that is having less moisture and contaminants will give better results in BDV test. The test kits now are microprocessor based fully automated and come with LCD display panel, test result generation and storage facility, in built printer, digital voltmeter among other facilities. This can be used to test mineral oils or synthetic ester based oils. Various protections and interlocks are configured in the kit,such as over voltage, HV chamber door interlock (before applying the voltage) etc. This page lists the catalogs of companies dealing in transformer oil test kit.

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