Rubber/Synthetic Mat (Electrical Grade)

Description/ Specification of Rubber/Synthetic Mat (Electrical Grade)

Electrical technicians and other people going in the vicinity of live electrical equipments can have serious shock in the event of an accidental current leakage. To prevent it electrical grade Rubber or Synthetic(Elastomer) mats are laid. These are laid before LT/HT switchboards, control panels, transformer rooms/compounds , instrument and control system panels etc. These mats should be moisture resistant, fire/flame proof. It should also be resistant to acid, alkali, and transformer oil. It should also be able to withstand load of personnel and heavy machinery, test equipments etc. Insulation resistance can be 100000 Mohms and above. These mats are normally of 2mm to 3mm thickness for voltage levels 3-3 KV to 33KV. Applicable standard is IS 15652-2006. The mats need periodic inspection and in case of deformities need to be replaced. This page list the companies dealing in this vital electrical safety product

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