Solar PV -Rooftop/Ground mounted

Description/ Specification of Solar PV -Rooftop/Ground mounted

Solar PV or Photovoltaic cells are based on the photoelectric or photovoltaic effect which states that an electrical current is produced by incident light energy on certain semiconducting material. Solar cells are semi conducting plates made form thin wafer of extremely pure silicon through several rounds of special process. These wafers are injected with very small quantities of impurities such as boron and phosphorus to make them semiconducting in nature. Thus one side of the cell has surplus electrons while the other side has deficit electrons. Incident sunlight knocks off some excess electrons which create a potential difference. This difference drives photoelectric current which flows through the external circuit formed by connecting the metal contacts provided in the two sides. In large scale solar energy installations the modules are formed by joining large number of such solar cells in series so that the voltage generated in them gets added up to become large enough. Modules in turn have pre-wired connections assembled together to form solar panels. Solar power cells require direct sunlight to fall upon them to generate electricity. A tracking mechanism that tracks the direction of sunlight and orient the direction of cells to face it, improves the collection efficiency of the system. Output of solar PV systems depends on the size, efficiency and intensity of the incident light. Since the direction of sunlight keeps changing throughout the day, solar panels with tracker systems are more efficient. Solar power systems can be grid connected or standalone type. In the former case an inverter panel system is required to convert the DC power generated by solar cells to AC. Standalone systems are more useful in remote areas, ships, islands etc . Solar panels need periodic cleaning and more so in dusty areas or deserts. The standalone systems also keep battery backup, the battery being charged by solar panels in day time, while supply from battery is used during night or cloudy weather. This page lists the catalogs of the solar PV system manufacturers/dealers.

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