CCTV Network / Camera

Description/ Specification of CCTV Network / Camera

CCTV or closed-circuit TV networks are used in security and surveillance applications. Their use is observed in airports, shops, malls, hospitals, offices, educational institutions, sensitive govt installations, industrial establishments to name a few. It is also being used monitor and control traffic. Of late their use is also spreading to residential areas like high rise apartments. In industries, locations which are remote or pose health hazards such as those in chemical plants, inside furnaces, and in nuclear reactors CCTV id used for monitoring. The purpose in all the case is to monitor the area for security or control purpose. These networks have evolved in complexity, features and performance over the last two decades. The basic constituents of the network comprise of a set of video cameras to cover the area under surveillance/control, a management server located in control room, archive servers, networking cables, routers etc. A recent development in the field is use of IP (internet protocol) camera, which digitize the analog image and transmit it over internet so that the images become remotely viewable. This makes possible remote access and monitoring of the protected area. Reliability, manageability, and scalability are some of the attributes to look for while implementing a CCTV network. This page shows the catalogues of CCTV networking solutions.

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