Bresle test kit

Description/ Specification of Bresle test kit

Presence of surface salt on steel surfaces can create problem of corrosion after painting of the surface. Common salt like sodium chloride, which is present in high concentration in sea water and the surrounding atmosphere, is hygroscopic in nature. If such soluble salt is present below the painted surface in sufficient concentration, then it may cause formation of electrolytic cells below the painted surface which will lead to corrosion and require costly repainting. Bresle test is used to detect concentration of salts on the surface before doing painting It is based on the principle that if the concentration of soluble salts is high, then it can be ascertained by testing the conductivity of a sample collected from the surface to be painted. Bresle test kit comprises of a conductivity gauge, deionized water and a Bresle sampler. Test is done in accordance with applicable ISO standards. The conductivity gauge can measure soluble salts like chlorides and hence the kit is also known as Chloride test kit. In case salt is present in concentration above allowable limits, it is cleaned with deionized water.

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