Coating thickness gauge

Description/ Specification of Coating thickness gauge

Coating thickness gauges are used for measuring thickness of a dry film of protective coating such as paint. These instruments can be mechanical type or digital type. Mechanical type (also called banana type) are used in high temperature or inflammable areas where chances of fire/explosion risk form use of electronic equipment is higher. This type equipment is less accurate. Digital instruments can work on magnetic induction principle or eddy current principle. While magnetic types are used for nonmagnetic coatings on ferrous materials like steel, eddy current types are used for nonconductive coatings on nonmagnetic material like stainless steel or aluminium. Since the accuracy of these gauges get affected by magnetic property of steel or conductivity of the coating applied on nonferrous metals like stainless steel or aluminium, it is required that the gauges should have facility to set it for the specific application before use. The thickness measurement is adjudged against various international standards applicable. The gauges are available for use in association with various types of probes. Catalogs of suppliers/manufacturers of coating thickness gauge can be found in this page.

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