Description/ Specification of Autoclave

Autoclaves are closed chambers which utilize pressurized steam for various purposes in medical or industrial applications. For sterilization ,autoclaves are used in Medicine. Prosthetic fabrication, Microbiology, Dentistry among several other areas. It can sterilize a large quantity of items like surgical instruments. Laboratory ware, surgical dressings, clothes etc in one batch, The process of sterilization uses steam produced under high pressure and 121-degree centigrade temperature, so that it becomes saturated steam and more energy goes into it. This steam is blown on the article to be disinfected or sterilized. When it comes with colder objects, moisture is formed and under such moist and hot environment, bacteria, fungi, spores, and other microorganisms are destroyed. Before heating, the trapped air in the chamber is completely expelled using steam and vacuum is created due to condensation of steam. Steam can create vacuum much faster than air. Autoclaves are also used for pre-disposal treatment of pathogenic hospital wastes. Industrial application of autoclaves are in curing of composites, vulcanization of rubber, and for growing quartz crystals used in electronics, Autoclaves can be of different designs like rectangular autoclave, cylindrical horizontal autoclave, and table top autoclave, In this page catalog of companies dealing in autoclave are available.

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