Bag Filters

Description/ Specification of Bag Filters

Bag filter are used to collect pollutant dust particles from the dust laden gases formed during industrial processes. The bags are of cylindrical type and made of fabric. They capture the dust from the gases that enter through funnel type arrangement called hoppers. Bags are placed ina manner,so that the collecting surface is perpendicular to the gas flow. When the pressure drop rise across the filters, the collected dust layer must be dislodged from the bags and disposed of. To facilitate this, air pulse jets are employed. In this arrangement, short but powerful pulse of compressed air is given for very brief interval of time. The pulse wave travels across the entire height of the bag and removes the captured dust layer, Bag filters are very effective dust removers. These filters find wide application in process industries like steel, copper, aluminium, cement, paper, fertilizer among others. This page is for listing the catalogues of companies who designs, supplies and installs these filter systems.

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